Our Story

ICARE was founded in 1983 over 36 years ago by Leon & Angela Yuan. Their mission was to bring aid to Chinese low-income senior citizens, a seemingly overlooked population of the united states. Below is the story of how they obtained their buildings and how God provided for them to do big things in His name.

Original Location

ICARE was formerly known as Illinois Chinese American Residence for the Elderly and was established in 1983. The original charter served Chinese low-income senior citizens locally as well as those immigrated from China. The organization thrived and served many through the years. The ministry was located evolved beyond economic needs to fill the gap regarding spiritual needs and connection with churches and families.

Current Location

In response to need, the organization changed its name in 2019 and redefined its purpose to meet the spiritual needs of a growing segment of United States population, particularly those from Mainland China, to share the Good News of the Gospel and be part of a healthy and interdependent church body.

The mission of ICARE is one of encouragement and support. We are essentially a service driven non-profit organization which serves the spiritual needs of those from mainland China by supporting local churches in China, encouraging church plants, and building a network of support to and from Chinese American churches and families with ties to mainland China. As such, we are involved in mobilizing support for this population through engaging in meaningful networking and discussions with Chinese stakeholders and families.

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